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The Eduro Mission

We empower educators …
… to leverage technology …
… to build new learning experiences.

“Thank you for understanding, we are all at different levels, different preconceptions, abilities, age, so many different places and when you listen to one of us, the effort you put forth to us that spreads.”

~ MSD participant, 2016

The Eduro Philosophy

We believe that as technology continues to change both the way we learn and the way we think about learning, the power of relationships are more important than ever.


A focus on pedagogy, leading to deep and authentic learning experiences for both teachers and students — it’s more than just the tools.


Practical and relevant professional learning opportunities which can be applied in the classroom immediately.


Current, practical and relatable examples and experiences from a variety of perspectives to support parents as they help their children navigate our technology-rich world.

“The layout of the course is really spot on. I felt like I was learning so much, but didn’t feel too overwhelmed, as much of the work is so applicable to what you are actually doing at school.”

~ Online Course Participant

The Eduro Model

Empowering teachers and students to leverage technology, build learning communities and connect, collaborate and create with an authentic global audience.

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